What are the Public Schools Teaching My Children?

As I consider what is currently being taught to the children of American parents by the states’ public schools in the second decade of the 21st Century, I distinctly recall the learning experiences I had in the Texas public schools, specifically in the Tyler Independent School District, from 1958 to 1970. My first thought is of the fact that I went into the first-grade at Dixie Elementary School reading and, to some degree, writing. My mother taught me to read and write when I was in my fourth year, and, as such, I had a great many questions about the many things that interested, and confused, me. I remember posing a few of those questions to my first-grade teacher, who, not having the temperament to deal with my voracious curiosities and my advanced state of learning, told me to “look it up in the reference books. ” So, that’s what I continually did. The true facts about government, economics, geography, philosophy, and science were revealed to me with the aid of encyclopedias and a good dictionary. As for numbers, arithmetic, and mathematics, I didn’t have the same penchant for figuring them as I had for words, and struggled as an average student in elementary and junior high school until I eventually found an application for pure mathematics; and that was electronics.

Referencing the true incontrovertible facts about government, law, and American history was something that most public school students, in my day, didn’t do until they were, perhaps, in the eighth, or ninth, grade. Even then, the great majority of the students relied almost totally upon the teacher to present the facts to them, in accordance with the textbook, about every subject they studied. They would take notes by writing down what the teacher would say about federal and state social studies, history, and science, and would take tests over the content of the notes. It was basically a regurgitation of studied, and memorized, information provided by teachers. Most of the examinations I had in elementary and junior high school comprised questions that were, either, true or false, fill in the blank, multiple choice, or specific questions asking for specific answers, such as, “How do plants obtain water?, or “Who was the first U. S. President to live in a log cabin? ” Very few questions were essay-type questions involving creative analytical thinking, such as, “In 500 words, describe the benefits of growing up in a log cabin that helped President James Garfield be a better president. ” In other words, the facts that most of the mid-20th Century public school students learned came directly from the teachers who taught their classes. One might, therefore, infer, from this accurate description of the manner in which public school instruction was administered, that if the teacher taught the incorrect facts about government, law, and history to the students, the students would go their next grade-level misinformed, but believing that they had been given the correct facts.

Some people have pragmatically suggested that it is better to teach lies and myths to America’s youth in the public schools and maintain peaceful docility than to tell them the hard factual truth and promote rebellion. I totally disagree with this concept. If American parents, who were once public school students, don’t know when teachers and textbooks are misinforming their children, then who, pray to tell, will set the record straight? For instance, if a seventh-grade student asks a public school history teacher why the united states went to war against North Vietnam, and the teacher replies that the North Vietnamese attacked the united states on the 2nd and the 4th of August 1964 in the 2-stage Gulf of Tonkin incident, is the teacher telling the student the truth or merely parroting what the course textbook states about the matter, and what the state and federal government want the student to believe? Sadly, there are no approved public school textbooks that correctly state that the alleged attack in 1964 was little more than a transparent pretext for war against North Vietnam; and that what was reported to Congress was a complete fabrication of what really happened. All of them say that the August 2nd attack was an “unprovoked attack” against a U. S. destroyer on “routine patrol. ” But the truth is that President Lyndon B. Johnson deceitfully hid the fact from Congress that the destroyer, the U. S. S. Maddox, was providing support for South Vietnamese military operations against the North before the North Vietnamese attack. Undeniably, the alleged August 4th attack was a complete fabrication, since all of the firings, for two hours, was done by the U. S. S. Maddox and the U. S. S. Turner Joy against “radar” targets that they couldn’t visibly see, and no firing, at all, was made against the American vessels. Because of these fabrications, over 58, 000 American GIs eventually died in Vietnam due to the ill-conceived Gulf of Tonkin Resolution almost unanimously accepted by Congress.

As another example, suppose an eleventh-grade student asks an American history teacher why the U. S. attacked Iraq in 1991, in operation Desert Storm. Again, all of the public school American history textbooks currently state that Saddam Hussain had his full-army poised on the Kuwait-Saudi border threatening an invasion of Saudi-Arabia, as, supposedly, revealed by NSA satellite photos. That’s what the state and federal governments want the teachers to tell the students to make them believe that the U. S. righteously invaded Iraq to defend Saudi-Arabia. But this is not in accordance with the factual truth, which is “not” printed in state-selected textbooks. The correct facts reveal that Pulitzer-nominated reporter Jean Heller, of the “St. Petersburg Times, ” was very suspicious when President George H. Bush and his Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney, proclaimed on national television that NSA satellite photos confirmed Saddam’s aggressive presence on the border. She was so suspicious that her newspaper purchased commercial satellite photos from Russia, taken by the Soyuz-Karta satellite, of the same ground, on the Kuwaiti-Saudi border, and at the same time, the NSA satellite photos were taken. This process occurred shortly after Bush and Cheney had made their public announcement about their intention to invade Iraq. The Soyuz-Karta photos revealed that Saddam had moved his army back to the Iraqi-Kuwait border nearly a week before Bush and Cheney had accused him of massing on the Kuwait-Saudi border. Jean Heller promptly called the Pentagon before the beginning of Desert Storm and confronted Cheney through his adjutant, about the matter, and was bluntly told to “go to hell. ” Jean Heller then wrote a story about the phony NSA satellite photos, put it on the AP and UPI wire services, and, later, discovered that none of the wire services, or the television networks, had picked up the story. Her illuminating revelation about presidential lies and deceit was only published in the “St. Petersburg Times. ” Because of this lie that a President and his military henchman told the nation, the U. S. attacked Iraq and reduced Baghdad to the Stone Age, and 146 Americans were killed. There was also no doubt that the White House and/or the Pentagon had ordered the media not to publish Heller’s story. Would the history teacher, perhaps, be censured by the school’s administration for contradicting the textbook account of Operation Desert Storm, if he provided the student with the foregoing facts, which are the truth?

What, perchance, would happen if a twelfth-grade American government student asks the teacher why Congress is not in charge of coining U. S. money and determining its value, in accordance with the U. S. Constitution, instead of the Federal Reserve, a cartel of private bankers? How should the teacher respond to the student? Should the teacher say, “Well, the U. S. Constitution is antiquated, and it’s just not that way anymore? ” Or should he say, “An unconstitutional law was imposed upon the nation when the Federal Reserve Act was passed by Congress in 1913, since the U. S. Constitution is the highest law in the land, and Congress cannot delegate its constitutional duties to the private sector. Either way, if the student goes home and tells his parents that his teacher told him that Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5 of the U. S. Constitution is not applicable today, or that the Federal Reserve Act was, and is, unconstitutional, the teacher is going to catch hell from someone. But in most cases, the teacher will tell the student that the Federal Reserve Act, and the Federal Reserve Board, through a private entity, is constitutional, in accordance with the textbook. This is the glib response you get from 3-out-of-5 American citizens on the streets, that the Federal Reserve must be constitutional, or it wouldn’t be law. This is because that the 85 percent of the U. S. population, which are high school graduates, were taught that the Federal Reserve is constitutional, when, in fact, it is not.

Public school instruction currently goes much further in several of the states to implement federal impositions into matters that should be confined only to families, upon which, according to the 10th Amendment, the federal government has no constitutional power, or right, to intrude. I am pretty sure that “most” American parents would not want their children’s third-grade teachers to tell their sons and daughters that “It’s perfectly alright to act like a girl if you are a boy, but feel like a girl, ” or “It’s perfectly alright to act a boy if you are a girl, but feel like a boy. ” This is what California’s Governor, Jerry Brown, has signed into law for California schools. And it goes much further than what you might think. Teachers are telling boys, who like to think that they are girls, that they may use girls’ restrooms and locker rooms, and girls, who like to think that they are boys, that they can use boys’ restrooms and locker-rooms. What reasonably-minded state governor would sign such a bill into law? I was formerly a resident of California for 17 years, and my children grew-up mostly in San Diego County, California, from 1974-1998. Yet, now I would have to say that if such laws had been in on the books during the time my children attended California Public Schools, I would have promptly removed them, and sent them to a private Christian school. When natural laws are perversely overridden to accommodate unnatural aberrations of human moral behavior, and such deviance takes the form of public laws, the parents who worship the Judeo-Christian God, and follow his commandments, are constrained to react indignantly. Perhaps this is the reason that public school enrollment in California has substantially decreased, and private, and parochial, school enrollment has increased since 2008. To think that the 88 percent of Californians, who are opposed to homosexual marriage, and the 79 percent of them, who are opposed to homosexuality, would not react indignantly to such law is hardly rational.

The bottom line to this crucial issue is that children who are taught incorrect facts by their teachers in the public schools, about history, government, science, religion, and other subjects, will most likely grow-up errantly believing the substance of such teachings, unless they subsequently do their own personal referencing to find the truthful facts. The chances of this happening are very slim if the children’s parents also believe and endorse the incorrect facts, which has apparently been the trend since the 1980s. Currently, there are so many examples of this happening, where Islam is being taught as ecclesiastical truth in the public school classroom while Christianity is denigrated, and where American veterans, Tea Party advocates, and evangelical Christians are being labeled by teachers as potential terrorists. As writer David Kupelian has generally conveyed in his recent article, “How America Morphed into ‘Bizarro World, ‘” the natural has been replaced by the unnatural and a visible segment of America is currently doing things, and endorsing immoral practices, that would have been regarded as total lunacy by the Republic’s Founding Fathers. George Orwell, in his classic book, “1984, ” coined a term called “Newspeak, ” which meant, in the society that he described in his work, that which is opposite to the factual truth. In Marxist societies, such as present-day North Korea, China, and Vietnam, and the former USSR, children are, and were, taught, as facts, things that are, and were, the opposite of truth in order to ensure the perpetuation of the existing regime. In the last hundred years, the following has happened in the USA: 1) The natural laws of free-market economics advanced by Adam Smith have been supplanted by the socialist/Marxist economics of John Maynard Keynes; 2) A private cartel of bankers, the Federal Reserve, were given, by Congress and President Woodrow Wilson in 1913, unconstitutional power to control the money and finances of the united states; 3) Gross political inflation, which didn’t exist in the USA from 1800 until 1965 (which kept an ordinary candy bar at 5 cents or less, a gallon of milk under 50 cents, and a gallon of gasoline at less than 40 cents) has been created by the Federal Reserve since 1970, and has caused a candy bar to increase in price 2, 000 percent, a gallon of milk nearly 500 percent, and gallon of gas nearly 900 percent. These economic “Bizarro” occurrences are characterized falsely in most high school and college textbooks as “natural” fluctuations necessary to accommodate a global economy. Well, fancy that! Interestingly, when 95 percent of the U. S. electorate has continually wanted to maintain the type of free-market economy that created the dynamic production and manufacturing nation that made the USA the leading exporter of American-made products, from 1840 until 1960, how could 5 percent, or less, of the electorate cause the Bizarro economic change to a Marxist globalization as a preface to a one-world government and a new world order defined as Agenda 21? Is this the Newspeak of an America respelled as Amerika? I pray not!

Perhaps it is high time for American parents, Christian and Jewish, to take the bull by the horns and demand that the true facts, especially about government and history, be taught to their children by the public schools, and that “Bizarro” agendas by aberrant amoral minorities be nullified by the concerted efforts of the prevailing majority of the rational electorate, as is supposedly practiced by a helter-skelter Congress and the activist U. S. Supreme Court. Our children and their children are the only hope for the restoration of truth, justice, and natural law to the American nation, and with that restoration a new birth of freedom and liberty.

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